About Aqua Luna Waters

Aqua Luna is the first commercial energetically enhanced water on the market. Our water hydrates the mind, body, and spirit. Undergoing our proprietary Lunafication Process we infuse Aqua Luna Water with electrolytes, vibrational sounds healing and positive affirmations. Helping you to connect with your true purpose and intentions. Making hydration a complete wellnes experience.


The Science

Aqua Luna’s Lunafication Process is based on Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto’S Water Consciousness Study. The study demonstrates how certain types of sound, like classical music, generates beautiful crystalline patterns in the water molecule, while heavy metal music, generates unpleasant and distorted crystalline formations. Dr. Emoto also proves how words have been found to affect water crystals. Emoto conducted experiments that showed how human thoughts, intentions and words can physically alter the molecular structure of water.

At Aqua Luna we encourage our consumers to further their hydration experience by using our water in their moon water pracatices. Moon water is an ancient practice and ritual of alchemically activating water molecules with the the light of the moon. It is water that has been energetically charged by the moonlights energy. The water absorbs the lunar energy by sitting in the light of the moon and helps you tap into our subconscious feelings and emotions

Aqua Luna has been infused and energized by our proprietary Lunafication Process and enhanced with the healing energy of solfeggio frequencies or vibrational sound healing, positive affirmations and electrolytes. .


Scientifically proven by Japanese Scientist Dr. Masaru Emote, the molecular structure of a water molecule can be transformed by the sounds it is exposed to. At Aqua Luna Waters our water is exposed to 24/7 vibrational sound healing – manipulating the structure of the water molecule to a more enhanced, purified form.


Water has feeling and memory and will absorb the energy it is exposed to. Speak life into your water and your water will give life back to you. At Aqua Luna Waters we have five levels of positive affirmations that are projected over our water... "I am grateful, I am confident, I am strong, I am happy, and I am healthy."
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