About Aqua Luna Water

Aqua Luna Water is enhanced water that is bottled in eco-friendly, reusable aluminum cans. We believe our water hydrates the mind, body, and spirit through hydrating with intention. The Aqua Luna brand intention  is to promote wellness, sustainability and functional health through hydration. Our new sleek and sexy bottle makes our conscious consumers feel confident from within. We are here to help you connect with your true purpose and intentions. Making hydration a complete wellnes experience.



The name “Aqua Luna” means moon water in Latin. The act of making moon water is an ancient wellness practice that
promotes cleansing, renewal and intention setting. 
At Aqua Luna we encourage our consumers to further their hydration experience by using our water in their moon water practice’s. Moon water is an ancient practice and ritual of alchemically activating water molecules with the the light of the moon. 
It is water that has been energetically charged by the moonlights energy. The water absorbs the lunar energy by sitting in the light of the moon and helps you tap into our subconscious feelings and emotions.




The Story Behind Aqua Luna

The story of Aqua Luna is rooted in a deep bond between two best friends, Nicole
Gleeson and Shenell Malloy. Both in their mid 30’s, young mom’s and wives. One day
Shenell got the heartbreaking news that she was diagnosed with stage four brain
cancer. During Shenells treatment, the two best friends went on a wellness retreat in
Sedona, AZ. That is where the women learned about many different wellness
practices, including moon water. Both girls brought all they learned back home and
implemented wellness into their daily routines. Shenell credits the reason she is still
alive( 4 years after her diagnosis) is because she make wellness a top priority. Nicole
went on to create Aqua Luna ( moon water) to be reminder for people to focus on
wellness and be intention with everything you do in this life. Shenell created a non-
profit called “DoCancer” that focuses on living a life of wellness to combat cancer. A
portion of all Aqua Luna profits go directly to supporting DoCancer.