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These 12 FL OZ aluminum cans are crafted to elevate your hydration experience. Drink our alkaline enhanced water and hydrate with intention!

  • Purified water
  • 9.5 pH – Alkaline water
  • 24 bottles per case
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Aqua Luna Waters is more than a water company, Aqua Luna Waters is a lifestyle. Striving to change the way people hydrate we encourage you to hydrate with intention – bringing awareness to your mind, body and soul with every sip.

“What if..?”

“Why not..?”

“How can I..?”

Aqua Luna’s mission in to make hydration a mindful experience. Thought provoking questions are printed on the back of each can to enhance your hydration experience. Our goal is to inspire our consumers to set intentions, dream and manifest. We encourage you to think positively with every sip and change the hydration experience into a wellness experience.